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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Talking a different language

The Welsh Language Society held a rally outside the Senedd this morning to protest against the inadequacy of the Welsh Language Measure. I was not able to be there but I fully sympathise with the points that they make and we will no doubt be seeking to amend it in due course.

Interestingly, one of the key speakers at this rally will be newly elected Plaid Cymru MP, Jonathan Edwards. He has three suggestions as to how the measure can be improved:

Firstly, I believe there’s a need for a clearer and less ambiguous clause in the measure regarding establishing official status for the Welsh language.

“Secondly, I believe there needs to be further consideration of how the Commissioner is appointed and to ensure that the independence of the Commissioner can’t be compromised.

“And thirdly, there needs to be consideration of how more can be done to empower the individual in the process of giving rights.”

All of these are entirely valid and no doubt will be picked up in the report of the Legislation Committee when it comes out. Hopefully, the Plaid Cymru Heritage Minister will be sympathetic to these views and will accept amendments accordingly.

I would hate to see party colleagues at odds with each other over such a key article of Plaid Cymru faith.
Do you mean that different members of Plaid Cymru could have different opinions from each another?

God, hanging's too good for these people isn't it?
The point is not that Plaid Cymru Parliamentarians are at odds with each on how to implement core policy but that Plaid are alienating key supporters.
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