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Monday, May 24, 2010

Plaid Cymru MP confused again

I can often be found muttering to myself about what passes for news nowadays and today was no exception. The source of my frustration was this article in today's Western Mail.

In it Plaid Cymru MP, Hywel Williams accuses the Westminster coalition Government of failing to understand and respect devolution following the suspension of Home Information Packs (HIPs). He claims that Ministers have a duty to consult the Welsh Government about matters concerning residential accommodation in Wales and had failed to do so.

Really? What may have escaped Mr. Williams' notice is that this particular aspect of housing legislation is not devolved to Wales. Why then should a Welsh Minster exercise any sort of veto on this issue?

Furthermore, why is Mr. Williams defending HIPs? They are expensive, overly bureaucratic and cumbersome. The only good part was the Energy Performance Certificates. The Government is keeping these and making them more relevant so as to help buyers make informed decisions on the energy costs of their new home.
Where is Hywel Williams defending HIPs?

Who said that a Welsh Minister should have a veto?
I think the implications of his remarks are clear.
Good riddance to HIPs. Probably no harm to dump the energy rating too. Who cares about that when buying?

BUT one simple bit of legislation - a simple statement of sq ft of floor area being sold. Commonplace throughout Europe, a really useful bit of info. Wht won't the estate agents tell us what sh*tty little houses they are selling?

C'mon Peter. let's have an LCO on that!!
I don't believe you that anywhere in Europe publishes the "sq ft of floor area". Square metres I could believe.
"the Housing Act 2004 states that the UK Government ‘must consult with the National Assembly for Wales before making any regulations affecting residential properties in Wales’"

You just need to read Peter, it is not that hard, even for you surely?
But this is an order it is not regulations. There is a distinct difference.
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