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Sunday, May 16, 2010

A missed opportunity

Today's Special Liberal Democrat Conference in Birmingham was a positive and affirming experience. I have seen estimates of 2,000 members present for over four hours of high quality debate.

This was no rally. Many members had doubts, some expressed them and one or two spoke against. But the mood was positive and supportive and the vote at the end overwhelming.

I tweeted throughout as did many others. These can be read by searching the hashtag #ldconf. However, what puzzled me and many others was why the Conference was held behind closed doors.

This was a mature and considered debate. It was a credit to the party and yet we missed the opportunity to project that to the outside world and to give others a better understanding of why we had entered into the coalition agreement. Instead some press officer got the wobbles and sought to tuck the debate out of harms way. It was not a good decision.
But I invite you to see my blog posting: http://alanindyfed.blogspot.com/
Personally I have never understood why political parties have opened up their conference to the media. It does mean that you have to be more careful in what you say as the media could pick up on the smallest thing and misinterpet or twist it so members maybe apprehesive about speaking on certain topics. The result in my view is that it has the potential to damage the political process
Peter, I read here in the Grauniad that several motions had been passed at this conference, including one that particularly interests me, namely "to push for a fully proportional system of voting".

As you seem to regret that the conference was closed, could you tell us exactly the wording of this motion was? And perhaps also give us a clue about how you actually intend to push for it. Are you going to make any attempt to fight for it during this parliamentary term, or is it something that your hands are tied on for the next five years?
All the amendments are here http://www.libdems.org.uk/siteFiles/resources/PDF/conference/SpecConf%20CE.pdf

Further papers can be found here: http://www.libdems.org.uk/special_conference_papers.aspx

All the amendments were accepted by the Party Leadership so read into that what you will.
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