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Saturday, May 01, 2010

Less than a week to go and still no donations

Spare a thought for the hapless Labour candidate in Swansea West. Geraint Davies lost his seat in Croydon despite claiming £176,026 in expenses and costs, and sending £38,750 worth of mail, using 130,000 first-class stamps. Now he is seeking a return to Parliament but alas is struggling to attract support, on-line at least.

Just under three weeks ago I highlighted the fact that the invitation on Geraint Davies's website to donate to his campaign had not attracted a single penny despite having a target of £7,500. Today with less than a week to go the total raised still stands at zero.

How embarrassing is that? And how stupid to leave the feature up there when the money is failing to come in.
I am informed that one ex-Labour councillor, now local businessman, has made donations to Swansea East and Gower but pointedly left out Swansea West.
My! My! What sharp eyes you've got grandmother.......
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