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Monday, May 31, 2010

A growing rift?

Over on Freedom Central a few days ago I speculated that the First Minister's decision to reject school reorganisation proposals in the west of Cardiff might lead to some unhappiness amongst his Plaid Cymru allies. For my sins I was accused of petty and gleeful point scoring and yet my suggestion of disharmony amongst the coalition partners appears to be spot on.

The Western Mail reports that 'Plaid Cymru figures heaped further criticism on the First Minister yesterday after the party’s National Executive Committee passed a no confidence motion in his rejection of plans to replace an English school with a Welsh one in part of Cardiff.

Both Labour and Plaid Cymru were last night still trying to contain the fallout from the controversial decision, which stoked up fears within the latter about their coalition partners’ commitment to tackling the growing problem of surplus school places.

In a statement, Plaid’s NEC said it had “no confidence” in a decision by Carwyn Jones to reject plans to modernise English-language provision and expand a Welsh-medium school in the Canton area of the city.

Plaid called for the First Minister to clarify his position amid fears the outcome could undermine moves to cut the number of surplus school places.'

Not only does former Plaid Cymru leader, Dafydd Wigley join in but so does his party's Chief Whip in the National Assembly. Chris Franks said the decision went against Assembly Government education policy.

“I have no confidence in the decision taken by Carwyn Jones in respect of school reorganisation in the west of Cardiff,” he said.

“It has caused a great deal of unhappiness across the community and it is essential that he makes an urgent statement to clarify the position.”

If this is not a crisis then what is?
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