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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Cloud on holiday plans

Personally, I am spending the weekend at the Hay Literary Festival but according to this article in the Telegraph, many others may be spending large chunks of the bank holiday period in traffic jams.

The paper says that up to a million more travellers will get behind the wheel than last year due to uncertainty over the BA strike and the effects of the ash cloud from Iceland, which has deterred many people from taking foreign holidays.

They add that disruption caused by the extra traffic - which means half the country's motorists will be using their cars - will be exacerbated by dozens of road works on major routes:

According to the AA routes to south west England will be particularly busy, with vehicle numbers being swelled by caravan owners trying to get away for the weekend.

Congestion is also expected to be severe on roads to national parks and major out of town shopping centres.

Traffic is likely to be heaviest on Friday when ordinary commuter traffic leaving city centres coincides with millions of motorists trying to get away for the weekend, despite forecasts of gloomy weather.

As if to add insult to injury Network Rail plan to carry out maintenance work as well. I just hope that the weather holds up.
I was at the Heath Hospital Cardiff Friday, the caravans were chugging down the roads.

The sad fact we had to leave at 6.30 to get to Cardiff at 9am to make sure.

But in the end the traffic was not to bad, I think the weather forecast will keep many people at home. Money keeps me at home plus in real life getting a wheelchair into many places in Wales is still difficult
with the greatest respect, this post is quite dull
Network Rail does not schedule engineering for bank holiday weekends in order to add insult to injury, but to minimise public impact.

The fact is that the railway is quieter over bank holidays than at other times (a journey to Chester on Monday rather confirmed the fact!).

The days when bank holidays saw thousands queueing for the day excursions to Rhyl (or Barry Island) are long gone.
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