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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Blunkett loses perspective

Former Home Secretary, David Blunkett showed yesterday what a sore loser he really is when he threatened to sue the Government for the £30 cost of his ID card. He is upset that holders of the documents will not be compensated when they are abolished.

He is still under the illusion that these cards will make a difference to National Security or to the fight against crime despite all the evidence to the contrary.

It is a useful indication that whoever wins the Labour leadership contest is going to have a long fight to reform that party so as to put them into a position to take the reins of power again.



I hard the interview. He was joking.
It should be observed, of course, that unlike the wretched Blunkett the vast majority of current ID
card holders were given no option about obtaining one, they were forced
to do so. Do they not deserve a refund?
Weren't they also supposed to cut benefit fraud, catch overstayers, and cure the King's Evil too? At one stage, hardly a week seemed to pass without some BluLabour Minister popping up on TV to claim yet more magical powers for them.
I think we should all sue Blunkett and the Govt he was in!
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