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Saturday, April 03, 2010

What were Labour thinking?

Labour have launched a new poster campaign to commemorate the return of the popular BBC series, Ashes to Ashes in which they depict David Cameron as politically-incorrect copper Gene Hunt, perched on top of the famous Quattro. Labour party officials say that they hope it will remind young voters of the Tory record in the 1980s when youth unemployment hit record heights.

However, the unanimous view of all those who I have seen comment on the poster is that it is a massive own goal. The problem is that the message contradicts the image. If they wanted to portray the 1980s as a time of depression and unemployment then they should have accompanied the slogan with appropriate pictures.

Instead they have used a quasi-romantic figure who most voters can identify with as a man who takes a no-nonsense approach to criminals and anti-social behaviour, delivering the short, sharp shock that many wish was still available to today's police force.

This is a major own-goal by Labour whose message about the economic incompetence of the Tories and their appalling record in government is essentially correct. If anything they have let the Tories off the hook.
Great minds think alike! I had the same reaction when I saw the news. Two explanations occur to me: M&C Saatchi (now back on board with the Conservatives) still have connections with Saatchi & Saatchi, Labour's agency; or Labour is trying to lose the election (see earlier gratuitous insult to Joanna Lumley).
"...economic incompetence of the Tories..."

Unemployment was half a million lower that todays figure when labour came into office, in addition to over a million more people working in the public sector, so Unemployment would really be one and a half million times higher.

While the Tories sold off the family silver, look who sold off the countries gold reserves when gold was rock bottom.

At least Banks didn't go under while the Tories were at the helm.
Indeed, if I had been writing about Labour's economic record I could have said that as well. Both parties have failed Britain and we need to try another party. Fortunately, the Liberal Democrats have the most trusted and competent candidate for Chancellor of the Exchequer in Vince Cable.
That was so terrible it literally made me cringe.... That really the best they can do?
Frank - you could be right, they are trying to loose the election big style, either that or they actually believe their own spin, and sod what the public has got to say.

Peter - both Osborne and Darling are both featherweights compaired to Vince Cable.

Labour threw money at the Public sector, and like someone living in Alma Terrace once said to me, Civil Servants can't create wealth!
I am a Labour member and activist and think the party have lost the plot with this nonsense.
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