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Sunday, April 04, 2010

A video for Chris Grayling

Martin Sheen is an A1 actor ..not the best choice of subjects for Easter day perhaps but the subject is contentious. The old testament clearly mentions homosexuality is wrong but the Gospels have no mention of jesus proclaiming it is wrong. Only Romans has a pop at gays.
The subject is only really contentious because some 'fundamentalists' choose to make it so. The same biblical authorities they trot out also condemn eating shellfish and putting women into tents at certain times of the month. Until a look-at-me religious type tells me why some biblical proscriptons matter in the modern era and others seem not to, I'll choose to believe that they're just looking for fig leaves to legitimise bigotry, pure and simple.
I think that is the point of the video
I love a bit of West Wing as much as the next man - even if that man is Peter Black! - but I don't think this tallies with Chris Grayling's comments. I don't agree with Mr Grayling's argument, but the Sexual Orientation Regulations were only passed after lengthy discussions concerning the divide it forced between state imposition and personal choice (even disagreeable choices). I'm sure some of the people who wanted to protect these personal rights were bigots, religious and otherwise. But I know that some were small state progressives, too, and Peter's post ignores that.
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