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Friday, April 16, 2010

Story of the week - shooting for the Moon

The Glamorgan Gazette comes up with an unusual twist on the MPs expenses story. There has been some unease within the Bridgend Labour Party since Newsnight named their local MP, Madeleine Moon as one of 20 to breach parliamentary rules by not declaring trips to China, Israel and Gibraltar paid for by foreign governments.

As a result she has faced attempts from Labour branches to deselect her as their parliamentary candidate and emergency meetings to discuss her furniture expense claims. She has also suffered criticism in the local press. Now though an unusual white knight has rode to her rescue.

The chief minister of Gibraltar, Peter Caruana, has written to the Gazette to point out that Gibraltar is not a foreign government and to praise Mrs Moon for her efforts:

Writing on official headed paper from his Convent Place offices, Mr Caruana said it was important to “put the perspective of the people of Gibraltar to [Mrs Moon’s] constituents.”

In his letter, Mr Caruana said: “Madeleine Moon has a longstanding parliamentary record of ‘looking out for’ Gibraltar-related issues in the UK Parliament. In the view of the people of Gibraltar, she deserves to be applauded for doing so.”

That should do down well on the Wildmill estate.
This is the Gibraltar which is a tax haven and alleged conduit for drugs and illegal immigrants?
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