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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

The rise of the Liberal Democrats

As we move into the General Election period proper it is going to become more and more difficult to maintain daily posts on this blog. Nevertheless I will try and in doing so seek to reflect some of the flavour of the campaign from my viewpoint.

Yesterday's Independent was instructive in setting the context for the forthcoming contest. They point out that despite the closely fought contest between Labour and the Conservatives, Nick Clegg's Liberal Democrats are so far resisting the squeeze and look like they will be starting this election on the sort of opinion poll ratings we saw in 2005.

According to a YouGov poll, over half (54 per cent) think Nick is doing well as leader for the first time ever. They say that this apparent Liberal Democrat advance will worry David Cameron:

An eight-point lead over Labour might just be enough to secure the Tories a narrow overall majority if, as several polls suggest, they secure an above-average swing in marginal seats held by Labour. But it will not be sufficient if at the same time the Liberal Democrats manage to fend off the Conservative attack on their key marginal seats.

The key point of course is that this is not about voting for or against the two largest parties. Voters understand that a vote for the Liberal Democrats is the best way of getting Lib Dem policies and of getting Nick Clegg and Vince Cable into government. That is why we are doing so well.

There is all to play for. Bring it on.
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