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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Liberal Democrat manifesto scores a hit

The Western Mail's Chief Political Reporter has taken an objective and hard-nosed look at all the party's manifestos and found some fault with all of them. His article today however on the Liberal Democrats' offering is worth reading:

Agree with their plans or not, at least the Lib Dems have done what we have a right to expect of all parties aspiring to high office: they’ve set out what they would do in quite precise terms.

Why couldn’t the other parties have done the same?

I'm looking forward to the launch of the Welsh Liberal Democrats' version tomorrow.

There has been some (largely disingenuous) criticism of the national manifesto, from the usual suspects. Richard Baum has a good rebuttal.
Could the reason that at least two of the other parties have to be slightly less explicit be because they actually stand a chance of getting elected?
The Welsh Liberal Democrat version was launched at 9.30am today
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