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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Labour revolt over tuition fees

Interesting article in the Sunday Times, who reveal that Labour is facing a mass revolt from its own parliamentary candidates desperate not to lose their seats over impending plans to raise university tuition fees.

They say that nearly 200 candidates, just under a third of those standing, have signed up to a petition organised by the National Union of Students opposing any increase in the current £3,220 tuition fee limit. The Labour rebels are led by six former ministers, a serving government whip and the parliamentary private secretary to David Lammy, the universities minister.

It seems that nearly half the 700 candidates signed up so far are Liberal Democrats, but only 10 have done so from the Conservatives, seen as the party most likely to raise fees. The paper suggests that the revolt in the Labour ranks is largely a reaction to fears that the Liberal Democrats, who oppose any increase in fees, could pick up seats particularly in university cities.

They should have thought about that of course when they introduced tuition fees in the first place.
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