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Sunday, April 18, 2010

'Kirsty Williams was right' says Matt Withers

The Wales on Sunday political correspondent, Matt Withers has not always been a fan of the Liberal Democrats. I am therefore delighted to reproduce his Mea Maxima Culpa from this morning's edition:

The party’s leader in Wales, Kirsty Williams, has often said that when the voters got to know Mr Clegg, they’d like him. She was right. (I’ll repeat that for the benefit of those Lib Dems who accuse me of being too harsh on them: Kirsty Williams was right.)

As Matt concludes: It must be fun waking up as a Lib Dem this morning. And I’ve never written that before.

Now I have to get out on the doorsteps because whatever the papers say there is still just under three weeks to go to the election and a lot can change in that time.
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