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Monday, April 26, 2010

Discussing policy the Labour way

Opening today's South Wales Evening Post at 7.30am this morning (I know, don't ask) I was taken by a single paragraph story on page two in which the Labour Party are accusing the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats of abandoning an agreement to tackle the BBC on their failure to focus on policy in their coverage of the General Election.

Fortunately, Liberal Democrat Voice has the full story here together with a blistering riposte to Labour's presumption:

We have discussed your proposal, however, we do not think that it is appropriate for political parties to seek to dictate the nature of political coverage to broadcasters. We are pleased that because we have set out our policy priorities clearly in our manifesto and included detailed costings, broadcasters and others have been able to analyse our policy and subject it to proper scrutiny and discussion. It might assist coverage if other parties followed suit. We would of course welcome further focus on policy given our clear message, focused priorities and detailed costings.

Labour should be careful what they wish for.
Perhaps you could include a few models to this post in order to illustrate what your point.
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