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Sunday, April 04, 2010

Can Jesus save Gordon Brown?

In what must be the crassest ever appeal for votes Labour List goes over the top today with a post entitled Ten reasons why Jesus might vote Labour.

They list a number of Jesus' teachings and actions, which they believe resonate with Labour values, though in truth a number of other political parties could claim a similar affinity.

What they do not mention however is how Jesus might feel about the illegal invasion of Iraq and the implicit sanctioning of exraordinary rendition and torture. Funny that.
What would jesus be? Probably none of the parties he would vote for

He would like tories attitude to abortion but not like their ideas of land ownership and getting subsided by the state in having that land, he probably would not stress marriage the way david cameron does as he was not married himself , though jesus would probably think it is wrong to pay too much taxes to keep those who dont generate anything, keeping them in olives, figs and sheepskin

Labour- he would like idea of redistribution but not war or mankind playing God with surveillance tactics . He would like some of their policies towards the environment and hunting as jesus never hunted.
But he would dislike the seedy tactics labour have towards the poorest.

libs- he would like idea of internationalism , also environmental ideas but he would not like dishonesty or bad attitudes towards disabled, he would like the idea of promoting disarmament but doubt that he would entertain the liberal idea of doing anything they like.

Peter, He would probably be no party really, see a little good in all of them and some he would object to.
I think you are confusing some church policies with the teaching in the Bible but then that is common. I would though reject the idea that the Liberal Democrats have a bad attitude towards the disabled, our record on this is very good. I also think that it is an oversimplification of party policy to claim that we promote disarmament though it is party policy to scrap trident. Nor do we believe in people doing anything they like. We have also promoted the rule of law and personal responsibility.
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