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Friday, March 19, 2010

Holding out for a hero

Today's South Wales Evening Post reports on some unusual controversy over at Neath Port Talbot Council:

The mayor of Neath Port Talbot had been holding out for a hero when the time came to decide who should be awarded the freedom of the county.

Councillor Pam Thomas was expecting former chief executive Ken Sawyers to be the sole nominee, believing it was only fair he should have his moment in the spotlight after 15 years at the helm before his retirement.

But no sooner had members unanimously agreed to Mr Sawyers getting the freedom than, faster than the speed of night, Liberal Democrat councillor Keith Davies stood up to propose singer Bonnie Tyler should get it, too.

He pointed out she was from Skewen and had scored number one hits in 60 countries around the world. Councillors unanimously supported her nomination. Yet as the meeting was closing there were audible mutterings of disapproval at Councillor Davies's unexpected intervention.

"I was annoyed," Councillor Thomas later told the Post. "But I couldn't say anything because I was chairing the meeting and I am the mayor.

"I thought someone might have said something but they were all gobsmacked.

"I don't begrudge Bonnie Tyler the freedom but I don't think she should have been nominated in the same meeting as Ken Sawyer. It should have been done another time.

"I was a bit miffed about it. Ken Sawyers did a valuable job. He did more for Neath Port Talbot than Bonnie Tyler has done. Keith Davies pulled a flanker, I think."

It's a heartache for the mayor, maybe, but as far as Councillor Davies is concerned it's a rocking good way to get one of the area's most successful exports recognised.

"Bonnie Tyler is a great ambassador for Skewen and for Neath Port Talbot — she has had hits all over the world," he said. He said he believed that, during the full council meeting in question, members were entitled to put forward anyone they felt should get the freedom of Neath Port Talbot.

I am sure that the paper could have got more puns into that article.
"...He did more for Neath Port Talbot than Bonnie Tyler has done. Keith Davies pulled a flanker, I think."

More than pulling a flanker, Keith Davies (real name David Keith Davies) Totally Eclipsed [of the heart] them!
It should be pointed out that Bonnie Tyler has not taken up US citizenship, as one earlier Freeman of the County Borough has done.

The Evening Post did not mention "Lost in France", presumably because it might imply criticism of our MEP.
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