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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Harriet falls victim to the jargon police

Today's Daily Telegraph reports that Harriet Harman's buzzword to describe "a new cohort of well, active, healthy older people" has made the list of 250 words used by central government, councils and quangos that baffle people. They say that along with 'wellderly', other banned words include 'webinar', or an online seminar, 'goldfish bowl facilitated conversation', or having a conversation round a circular meeting table; and 'low hanging fruit', or going for an easy win:

The equality minister and deputy Labour leader said earlier this year: "The change in the number of well older people demands a change in public policy. We have to understand that we now have a new cohort of well, active, healthy older people. We must recognise the emergency of the 'wellderly'."

These words join previous favourites 'predictors of beaconicity' (saying which councils will do best) and 'seedbed' (idea).

Of course it might just be easier if politicians and Council Officers learned to speak in plain English in the first place and stopped looking at every policy inititaive as a marketing opportunity.
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