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Monday, March 29, 2010

Do it yourself posters

The proposal by Labour to enlist its supporters to design its first set of billboard posters for the election campaign has come in for a fair amount of derision on Twitter and blogs, especially from the Tories, but actually it is not that bad an idea.

Anybody who has seen what the internet has done to both Conservative and Labour campaign posters in recent months will know that there is a good deal of talent out there. Furthermore, recruiting the poachers as gamekeepers always helps to limit the damage.

I think the other point is that given the state of morale within the Labour Party, anything that gives their activists a direct stake in the campaign must be beneficial to them. And why spend too much money on expensive ad agencies when it is better spent getting the message across on doorsteps?
Lib Dems call for poster design too: http://act.libdems.org.uk/group/actcreative
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