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Monday, March 01, 2010

The cost of the badger cull

Following the public meeting in Newport, Pembrokeshire where I discovered that the Welsh Governemnt are funding extra police officers in the cull area for the five years that they will be shooting badgers I tabled a question seeking more information. I have now had a response, which I have set out below:

Peter Black (South Wales West): Will the Minister confirm whether she is funding extra police officers in the North Pembrokeshire badger cull area for the period of the cull, and if so, how much will this cost and what extra provision is being funded. (WAQ55693)

Elin Jones: We want to ensure community confidence through continued reassurance to our communities within, and outside, the pilot area, before, during and after its implementation. To this end we have agreed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Dyfed-Powys Police Authority to provide a framework that makes clear how we will work together in this regard, together with the roles and responsibilities of each organisation. This includes supporting an enhancement to the ‘neighbourhood policing team’ in the area to work with communities to provide this reassurance and a point of contact for people. This will be kept under review for the duration of the pilot area.

It is not our intention to disclose information relevant to the police tactics, staffing, training or budgets that are in place. These are operational policing matters which are the constitutional responsibility of the Chief Constable.

The cost of implementing a proactive culling strategy over five consecutive years within the pilot area is estimated to be £9,427,000. This figure includes costs agreed between the Welsh Assembly Government and Dyfed-Powys Police Authority in the Cost Recovery Agreement.

That is an awful lot of money. I can think of many other communities around Wales who would benefit from having an additional Police Sergeant and two constables funded directly by the Welsh Government. I am not so sure that they will be very pleased to read this answer.
...it will also insulate a few lofts for those living in Fuel Poverty.

I'm really not sure if the Assembly Government realise what the public think of them, this is a total waste of money.

What are the financial implications for the farmer in all this?? Will the costs (£9½ million) be more than the benefits?
so this 9 1/2 million is the admin cost of the badger cull? They might need a few more desks in Crymych police station. And there is a seperate amount for the cull itself....and another amount for helping farmers with bio security?
thank you for asking the question.
Just been announced that Welsh Police forces are going to have a cut in funding of £6.4 million this year.

Heres an idea, stop paying almost £10 million to police the pointless killing of badgers and divert those funds through to the policing service the public really require.
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