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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Another Labour u-turn

It is funny how an impending General Election concentrates the minds of Government Ministers. Today's Guardian reports that Gordon Brown has ordered the restoration of a 101 national non-emergency phone number to report crime and antisocial behaviour ‑ three years after the scheme pledged in Labour's 2005 general election manifesto was axed.

This number proved such a success in South Wales that when the Home Office withdrew funding, South Wales Police and Cardiff Council moved heaven and earth to keep it going albeit in a different form. I sat in a couple of times and observed its usefulness in dealing with anti-social behaviour as well as number of other calls that might otherewise have clogged up the 999 system.

I look forward now to Home Office funding being restored to South Wales so as to expand the service back to what it was, roll it out across the whole of Wales and take some of the financial pressure off Welsh Police forces and local Councils.
Oh yea and when I phoned it, sadly the police stated they were very busy and had nobody at all to come out, the next time I used it they said that three officers would be around as soon as they finished washing the police car, they never turned up. I moved the drug dealer on my self with a cricket bat and got done £50. the drug dealer was laughing at me as we went out, three weeks later he was back and I phoned the police, nothing, I then saw a ten year old kid laying in the grass with a needle in his arm with a blue rubber band on his arm, I turned him on his side took the needle out and left him.

What a world we live in.
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