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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Wrong tone?

I was a bit bemused today to see an advertisment in the Western Mail from Her Majesty's Prison Service and Parc Prison Bridgend for various jobs in the new house block that is opening at Parc. It was not the fact that the jobs were being advertised me that intriqued me but the way that they were being sold.

The advert starts off: 'HMP and YOI Parc is going through a time of excitng growth' I am not sure that others will view the expansion of the prison estate and an increase in the number of prisoners in quite the same way.
It is a reflection on our society, the way we treat our young, old and most vulnerable in our society and How many people we Bang Up!

Does HMP know something we don't know, namely that there's going to be a massive increase in the number of prisoners we have in our gaols?????

Just having a butcher's at your "Leave your comment"

"Oh, and if you persist in repeating yourself despite the fact I have addressed your point I may get bored and reject your comment."

Why haven't we heard anything from Greenman of late, has he got bored of you, or you of him???
Jack Straw implied as much last week, when he announced the ending of the early release scheme.
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