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Thursday, February 11, 2010

The wrong sort of leek

There are times when Assembly question times go a bit off-beam and others when our eccentricities show through. Most of the latter occasions are due to the erudite and highly articulate David Melding. Yesterday was no exception:

Q10 David Melding:
Will the Minister make a statement on the production and marketing of leeks? OAQ(3)0937(RAF)

Elin Jones: The Welsh Government is committed to supporting the promotion and production of food in Wales, including leeks.

David Melding: Cortinas, Goliaths and the King Richard—you will know that these are all varieties of leek. Do you realise that leeks are now being written about in the culinary press as something of a wonder food, and as a better alternative to onions or garlic? It has also been written that even the English are eating more leeks. Therefore, would you be prepared to go to England—perhaps as an act of charity—to encourage them to maintain these good habits, because if they want to eat them, we can produce them? [Laughter.]

Elin Jones:
I do not think that I could match you as an ambassador for leeks. I would be happy for you to join me when I visit England to promote the wonder food of Welsh leeks, because you are most definitely a great advocate.

All-in-all a highly appropriate subject just before the second game of the six nations championship, especially if you are a Max Boyce fan.
Peter quote of the day on Leeks must have been Chris Franks reference to Wales being self-sufficient in Leeks...? Read into that as you wish!
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