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Monday, February 22, 2010

Who is bullying who?

The media this morning continues to be full of allegations and counter-allegations about Gordon Brown's behaviour in 10 Downing Street. On social media sites the Tories are seeking to press home what they perceive to be an advantage with comments and different angles on the affair.

Meanwhile, Labour bloggers and tweeters such as John Prescott are engaging in a combination of defensive questioning as to the authenticity of the allegations and distraction techniques such as links to blogs questioning the motives of the anti-bullying charity and references to other bullying allegations surrounding David Cameron's Head of Communications.

Bullying of any sort is indefensible but what we have here is a row that is generating more heat than light on the subject. It has become a battle over the Prime Minister's character. Is he a passionate, determined individual who gets carried away now and again or is he the type that pushs people around, and whose demeanor and behaviour generates fear rather than respect.

It is a fine line that is easily and often crossed and the tragedy is that now that the spin doctors have got hold of it and because so much is at stake, we will not get any clarity nor, more importantly, any proper debate about what is acceptable and what is not in the workplace.
Let him without sin, cast the first stone.
Two wrongs do not make a right. This journalist and the Downing Street gang.
When a woman stands up, in the name of Anti bullying and gets subjected to bullying by the media and the Downing street regime, then it makes one wonder... they must be bullies and there is now an attempt to discredit and smear anyone who points out that the Emperor has no clothes and it just makes you sick.
I'm an ordinary voter, going about my business in a downturn in the economy. Now, the Regime brings in Spin Doctors, even one that was bullied by the very man that he is now defending. For a handful of gold.
You know what, politics is a dirty business.
You have your work cut out for you.
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