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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Shut up!

If the English Housing Minister, John Healey has his foot firmly enscounced in his mouth today then his Liberal Democrat shadow, Sarah Teather must win plainly-spoken quote of the week.

Mr. Healey has got himself into trouble today for comments on BBC Radio 5 Live. He was asked why there were 46,000 repossessions last year despite the Government introducing schemes targeted at helping families to stay in their homes. He replied: “In some cases there is no way round that and in some cases it is the best thing for the people who are struggling with these mortgages.”

Reaction to this insensitive gaffe has been swift and rightly so. However, Sarah Teather leads the way in saying what she really thinks:

“If this is John Healey’s best response to record repossession figures then he should just shut up.

“These comments are grossly insensitive to families booted out of their home.

“Labour has no idea what life is like for victims of the recession. John Healey needs to get out more before he starts dismissing the misery of homelessness.”

I don't envy Mr. Healey having to defend his comments in the Commons against such forthrightness at his next question time.
What an absolute shower of the proverbial.

I heard Shapps on the radio, totally out of his depth.

The public are sick at this OTT moralising of the political class. The minister clearly said that in some circumstance, often unavoidable as it is the only option left, repo ends the constant worry of piling up more debt. It is not a great situation, but the best in a pretty awful one in some circumstances.

I mean I wouldn't mind if he punched someone trying to help hi...wait a minute...haha.
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