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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Pump up the volume

There is an important Council by-election in Bridgend today so I do not have much time for blogging. However, this article caught my attention last night and I thought it was worth mentioning in passing.

My hearing is not as good as it should be. I had a number of operations when Iw was a child and as a result I sometimes have difficulty picking out what people are saying against background noise. As a result I tend to have the television on loud. Even I have noticed however that once the programme breaks for adverts the volume is significantly higher.

Being busy I had always put the phenomenon down to a fault in the TV or my own hearing but now it seems that I have been the victim of a deliberate ploy by television companies to get the adverts noticed.

The Advertising Standards Authority has ruled that eight commercials shown during a recent broadcast of the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes on ITV3 were too loud and broke the Advertising Standards Code:

A complaint that breaks during the repeat of the 1984 series starring Jeremy Brett were 'excessively noisy compared to the surrounding programme' was upheld - despite ITV's claims that the commercials merely coincided with particularly quiet parts of the programme.

The authority has written to ITV warning that action needs to be taken to ensure it keeps within the rules.

Maybe they should dig deeper to see how widespread the practice is.
This has been a problem that’s annoyed me for a long time, along with the content or presentation of some adverts but that’s a separate issue. I don’t have the TV loud but I do spend quite a lot of time awake throughout the night and every time the adverts come on I have to mute the TV so it doesn’t wake my wife. I do hope that the Advertising Standards Authority will be less tolerant of this practice.
So, there's a by-election in Bridgend, nothing posted on the Bridgend CBC website.

Is this what passes for democracy in Bridgend County?
The statement of people nominated is here http://www.bridgend.gov.uk/web/groups/public/documents/services/000729.hcsp#TopOfPage

But that is the only reference. :(
Bet you had to go looking for that too....nothing on the front page of the BCBC website.
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