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Sunday, February 14, 2010

The new Blair?

The Tories chose David Cameron because he looked and sounded like Tony Blair, Discuss.

Well if they didn't some of them sure are getting more than they bargained for, with suggestions in yesterday's Daily Mail that the Tory leader is displaying the sort of control freakery for which Tony Blair was famed.

The paper reports that Tory MPs have accused Cameron of mounting a ‘Big Brother’ attempt to censor their Election leaflets. They called him a ‘control freak’ after party managers issued a series of commands to prevent any gaffes:

MPs were stunned last week to receive orders from Chief Whip Patrick McLoughlin to submit Election leaflets for prior inspection.

They were told that in future, they could put nothing in writing to their voters without first getting permission from the party leadership.

And to the fury of veteran MPs, they were also ordered to use pictures of Mr Cameron in all their literature.

Tory candidates across the country have been told to submit all Press releases and articles to party officials before they publish them.

In an email headed ‘Don’t help Gordon Brown’, Tory bosses set out a strict new regime to control what candidates said to their electors.

The email, seen by The Mail on Sunday, said: ‘We know that our opponents are monitoring everything our candidates say, whether in print or online, with a view to taking remarks out of context and distorting what you say to undermine our national campaign.

‘No one wants to be the candidate whose leaflet is waved across the Despatch Box by Gordon Brown.

‘To help ensure this doesn’t happen to you, we are putting in place arrangements to check that our message is consistent and not open to deliberate misinterpretation.

‘The Whips Office will liaise with MPs about arrangements for checking their material.’

If the Tories are having problems keeping track of their MPs then goodness knows how they will manage the many blogs and tweets being put out by all their candidates.
its just the same old spin Blair left the past behind and called it NEW Labour and Cameron is emulating the same political make over and calling it CHANGE
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