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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Has Lembit's phone been hacked?

The News of the World phone-hacking scandal took a fresh turn last night with the news that Lembit Őpik has instructed lawyers to look into the possible unlawful hacking of his mobile phone:

In 2007 the News of the World's royal reporter, Clive Goodman, and Mulcaire, a private investigator, were jailed for illegal phone hacking. The paper's editor Andy Coulson, now David Cameron's communications chief, resigned. He recently said he knew nothing about the unlawful activity, and the paper claims these were rogue episodes.

But last week the Commons Select Committee for Culture, Media and Sport published a report accusing the newspaper's executives of "collective amnesia" and "deliberate obfuscation". It has also emerged that the Metropolitan Police has evidence of Mulcaire being in possession of pin codes for 91 other people, which could have been used for hacking.

Now, Manchester-based lawyer Charlotte Harris, who has previously represented Max Clifford, is to ask the Metropolitan Police if Mr Őpik's pin number was among those found when they raided the files of Glenn Mulcaire.

Asked how far he planned to take his case, Mr Őpik said: "Let's get the facts and move on from there." Asked if he was making a political point to embarrass the Tories, the Lib Dem MP said: "I'm not pointing fingers at anyone yet."
I've had suspicions that my phone is being hacked into.

I think it's common practice in Big Brother Britain under Blair and Brown.
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