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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Don't tell the badgers

One of the features of the proposed cull of badgers in North Pembrokeshire is how little information has been made available to anxious residents about timing and even the boundaries of the cull area.

As part of my scrutiny role and so as to seek clarity on some of these issues I wrote to the Minister a few weeks ago and have now had a reply. The letter that was sent to me however, was at best esoteric, at worst deliberatively unhelpful.

In particular the Minister states that she 'has no plans to release information detailing the precise boundaries for the pilot area because of the sensitive nature of the measures being taken forward.' Really?

It is not as if she is planning an invasion. Or is she? I suppose her main concern will be that the badgers might get wind of it and do a runner over the border. Seriously, I can see no reason whatsoever why the boundaries of the cull area should be a state secret.
Gosh.. 'sensitive nature of the measures being taken forward'...

I would never realise it was a 'sensitive' thing to do in directing a kill against a wild animal that is no harm to humanity.
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