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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Animal welfare agenda

A press release from the Kennel Club offers the very welcome news that Wales’ Rural Affairs Minister, Elin Jones has agreed that, subject to approval by the National Assembly for Wales, the use of electric shock collars will be banned in Wales.

This is a useful addition to the animal welfare measures in place inWales. It is a shame that the same concern does not stretch to the preservation of protected species such as the badger or the biodiversity in our countryside that they represent.
They are not banned in England didn't you know? so on this occasion, those advising WAG are correct then? You don't know whether you're coming or going. LOL!
The devil is in the detail...

How are they actually proposing of culling these badgers anyway?

Animal Welfare is an important subject to consider, we really need to crack down on animal abuse in all it's forms.

This includes greyhound racing industry, dog fighting (you really should see the number of Pit Bulls that are in Maesteg) and other forms of animal neglect.

There is a clear link between animal abuse and child cruilty, take the Baby P case, his stepfather used to break the backs of pet mice between his fingers as "a party trick".

I can remember reading of an animal neglect case in the Neath Port Talbot Guardian a few years ago, a small terrier had be neglected by it's owner who hadn't taken it to the vet when requested by the RSPCA, the woman's "defence" was that she had been awarded a "good parenting certificate" which suggested to me that her parenting skills were called into question by social services who had sent her on a course (how many parents do you know with a "good parenting certificate"?).

We really should look at castodial sentences for animal abuse, putting the abuser on the sex offenders register and banning them from keeping animals.
Anon 9.01pm: once more you are missing the point. There is no evidence to show that a ban on collars is wrong. The fact that England has not done it is a matter for them.

In contrast there is a lot of evidence to show that a badger cull will be ineffective and England's decision not to proceed is based on that evidence. My charge against Elin Jones is not that she is failing to follow England but that she is ignoring the evidence.

The point of this piece though is unrelated to that. It is to point out the inconsistency in government policy that seeks to protect the welfare of some animals but not others.

Anon 9:58pm: they propose to trap the badgers, shoot them, post mortem them and then incinerate them.
Absolutely...hyprocrisy. Something anyway for banning electric dog collars.
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