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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Snow and the Tardis in Cardiff

It is snowing in Cardiff but that has not deterred the BBC from filming scenes with the new Dr Who outside the Wales Millennium Centre. I had to pop over there anyway so I took a few snaps. The third photo has been borrowed from Twitpic.

There are quite a few people in Wales who would like to enter the Tardis.
I cannot decide whether to time travel 500 years into the past or 15 years into the future, but the future beckons with a different prospect in view.
Hahahahahahahaha if in doubt, and you want more traffic, and you're a Lib Dem , make a Doctor Who post ;)
Hopefully in the year 2025 Cymru will have evolved to a different country altogether, secure, well-rum and prosperous. WAG members (future MWPs) could well watch the proceedings of the Scottish Parliament where the level of debate is at a high level, spiced with wit and free of invective.
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