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Monday, January 18, 2010

Man or Mouse? The power of Twitter.

I saw this on Twitter last night but apart from casting out of my mind the image of the Speaker of the House of Commons chasing a mouse around his kitchen in full ceremonial garb, I thought nothing more of it.

However, it seems that what the Speaker's wife tweets is news and so the Daily Telegraph has the full story just hours after it happened:

After spotting the rodent run under the dishwasher in the apartment, Mrs Bercow sent out a tweet appealing for advice as ''the mouse catcher man doesn't work on Sundays''.

Suggestions ranged from using the Commons mace to a chocolate-baited humane trap - but the Bercows only had Quality Street left over from Christmas it transpired.

A spokesman said the last information he had was that the offending mouse had evaded capture and disappeared somewhere in the couple's family accommodation above the formal residence.

Mice were a particular problem at the Palace of Westminster, he said, as it was built on land reclaimed from the neighbouring Thames.

Such is the nature of 24 hour rolling news, I suppose.
if you have time do a blog on the badger cull demonstration at senedd
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