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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Labour face up to the reality they created

Interesting article in yesterday's Daily Telegraph in which Treasury Minister, Ian Pearson warns that spending cuts planned to reduce the public deficit are going to be “extremely painful". He has also shocked MPs in Labour heartland constituencies by saying the cuts would create “very difficult circumstances” in many already struggling communities:

Mr Pearson’s intervention yesterday will be seen as an attempt by the Chancellor to insist that Labour goes into the election with credible deficit reduction plans.

He told MPs: “As a Government we have to make a judgment as to what’s in the country's best interests overall, and it is clearly the case that what we are proposing is going to be extremely painful.

“I think it’s going to be tougher to deliver than pretty much any of us here in this House really understands.”

He was challenged by Katy Clark, Labour MP, about the “massive impact” such a policy would have on communities struggling through the recession and offered a gloomy outlook for many parts of the country.

Mr Pearson said: “You are right to point out the potentially very difficult circumstances that it will create in many communities in the country. We have to be extremely mindful of that as a Government when we are calibrating policy, when we are making decisions.”

This admission very much reflects previous warnings by the Chancellor of the Exchequer but contradicts the more upbeat message of the Prime Minister. It is a sign that the economic realists are in the ascendant within the Government, recognising that the electorate will not be fooled by any party who pretends putting right Labour's mess will be easy or can be done painlessly.
It is not "Labour's mess", it is mess resulting from the long-term way our country has been pushed for decades. Labour just carried on with the policies of the Tories before them, thinking this would earn them popularity in the Tory press.

Well, what a wonderful Tory trick. "Tory Plan B" has worked so well that they can now embark on Plan C. Labour messes up the country by pushing Tory policies on it, the Tories say "look - we're in a mess because of this wicked socialism" and they can use this to get back to power and impose even more extreme versions of those same policies.

What are those policies? Put our country up for sale, and say what a wonderful job the salesmen are doing, they must be rewarded handsomely for "creating wealth" in this way.

Our ancestors were sometimes asked to die for their country, but our "wealth creators" have so little loyalty to it that say they will it leave rather than pay a little more for its needs in hard time. They will leave us to pay the debts incurred to save the livelihoods of themselves because they have made us so dependent in them.

They will leave it for Switzerland, so we are told. Can you buy up a big Swiss company in order to run it down, steal its assets and close down your competition as you can a big British company? Don't be daft.
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