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Monday, January 04, 2010

Blair a liability? Surely not!

The Times reports that fears by senior Labour figures that that Tony Blair’s appearance at the Iraq inquiry in the coming weeks will wreck any prospect of him helping the party at the general election.

They say that the Iraq inquiry, which was set up by Gordon Brown and which resumes its hearings tomorrow, is reopening old divisions between Brownites and Blairites months before Labour seeks a fourth term.

Apparently, growing criticism is being voiced within the former Prime Minister’s inner circle about Mr Brown’s decision to hold the inquiry with public hearings in the run-up to the election:

Mr Blair has offered to help Labour’s election campaign — and there were hints last autumn that he had been lined up for a role in marginal seats — but Mr Brown has generally kept his predecessor at arm’s length.

Some observers have likened this to the way that Al Gore struggled to find a role for Bill Clinton during the 2000 US presidential contest. A Downing Street official said last night: “We’re grateful for Tony Blair’s support but no decisions have been taken about what he might do in the election.” Asked if this depended on how Mr Blair emerged from the Iraq testimony, the official replied: “It is an independent inquiry and his appearance before it is a matter for him.”

A senior campaign source added: “I think everyone is anxious about the electoral impact of Tony Blair and no one knows [if] it is going to be positive or not. We don’t know what his appearance [at the inquiry] will mean or whether it will help.”

Anybody would think they had all the time in the world to sort out the election campaign. As it is Labour's efforts are rapidly disintegrating into farce. It is surprising that they are not further behind in the polls, an outcome for which they can only thank David Cameron and his inability to convince the electorate that he is the real deal.
It's Evander Holyfield that is the real deal, not the Cameronian
How about Blair for Leader, that would give the Tories the game hook line and sinker or stinker....
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