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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Zac does it again

Having been exposed as a non-dom and having most probably alienated a substantial number of voters in the Richmond Park Constituency, one would have thought that Zac Goldsmith might lie low for a bit. However, he seems determined to make his mark and this time it may be his party leader who is not so pleased at his intervention.

According to the New Statesman, Mr.Goldsmith used a lecture in London last night to deliver a stinging attack on the Sun over its recent treatment of Gordon Brown.

He said:

[My] heart went out to Gordon Brown and I was repulsed by the Sun and I thought 'My God, I did not want this newspaper to be backing my campaign.' It is immoral and unethical and wrong. The Conservative party by default got caught up by this which is a shame.

He went on to claim that the tabloid's association with the paper has led to a fall in Tory support, which the New Statesman says is backed up by the latest opinion polls.

David Cameron will not be pleased. For once though I can sympathise with where Zac is coming from.
you've had one too many teas mate, its not davis cameron but David!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oops! Now corrected. In my defence the 's' is next to the 'd' on the keyboard and my eyesight is failing.
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