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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Which Davies?

This blog post from Matt Withers has to be the story of the day and is worth reproducing in full. That is twice in one week I have been nice about Matt. It must be Christmas.

I phoned Conservative Central Office this morning to seek a reaction to this interview, in today's Daily Mirror, in which Doctor Who writer Russell T Davies warns the BBC will be dismantled by the party if they get into power next year.

They wouldn't comment on it, I was told, because "Mr Davies is a backbench MP and, as such, his opinion isn't necessarily party policy".

Hmm. You are aware Russell T Davies is the writer behind Doctor Who, and not actually one of your MPs?


"Give me your e-mail address and I'll get back to you."

Do you think that Tory Party Central Office thought that they were being asked about David TC Davies, the MP for Monmouthshire?
Encouraging to see that you are doing really important stuff while off on hols. OK for some.
Well I have been in work all week and will be tomorrow and even now am waiting to go into a meeting so don't make the mistake of thinking I am putting my feet up because I am not.
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