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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Where is it again?

After ten years of devolution you would think that the National Assembly for Wales has become fairly established. Even if you do not agree with it you cannot deny its existence, or can you.

I have recently been trying to upgrade my mobile phone and arranged for a new one to be delivered to my home yesterday. It duly arrived but it was faulty so I asked the company concerned to replace it. They were pleased to do so and even agreed to carry out the swap at my place of work seeing as how I am now ensconced here for the rest of the week.

Unfortunately, they rang me back later on to announce that they could not find the National Assembly for Wales on the Royal Mail database they were using. No matter how they entered it in their computer, they insisted that the place does not exist.

I went onto the Royal Mail site and put in the postcode and up came the Assembly straight away. The mobile company said that this did not work for them. They asked me for the street name and even for the number of the building. As I pointed out they would not have asked for this information for the House of Commons.

This is not the Royal Mail's fault but I am horrified that a national mobile phone company does not recognise the existence of the Welsh Assembly for the purposes of doing business. Perhaps they need to get a more up-to-date database. We are still in discussions....
That's bizarre.. given that the Assembly has its own unique postcode. I keep a number of systems updated every quarter with the latest PAF data and they can all find CF99 1NA with no problem. They definitely need to update their lookup database.
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