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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

On tour

The Daily Mail carries the story of Sandi, a ginger tom who went out for a stroll one night and ended up travelling 1,400 miles to Spain and back.

The cat was discovered by ferry staff under a lorry as they prepared to unload the Pride of Bilbao, which had travelled from Portsmouth, Hampshire. The crew took Sandi to a vet who was able to tell from an embedded microchip that he was registered in the UK. The paper reports:

For the return journey he was fed a special menu of salmon, chicken and milk and had an ensuite cabin with sea view, which usually costs up to £266. Crew members paid hourly visits to his room during the 36 hour sailing to give him a stroke and to ensure he remained comfortable. They gave him his own pillow and donated one of their warm jackets. And the ship's captain, Alastair McFadyen, even found time to visit the stowaway.

In the old days they would have made the cat walk the plank.
Makes a change the "Daily Mail" reporting on a story of a stowaway LEAVING the country under a lorry....
my old cat max, black tom jumped in the boot of my next door neighbours saloon and travelled all the way to Birmingham and back from where we used to live in Woolwich
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