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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

On Climate Change deniers

With the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference happening soon I thought it worth comparing controversial statements issued by two senior politicians.

Firstly, there is the famous claim by now-outgoing First Minister of Wales, Rhodri Morgan who back in February 2007 told Assembly Members that climate change would not be "entirely unhelpful" if it brought summer weather similar to California's or Spain's.

He will be uncomfortable to find that he is in agreement with the former Secretary of State for Wales, John Redwood who wrote on his blog in March 2007 that 'We will benefit from the better weather for tourism, agriculture and outdoor sports. Fewer people will die of the cold and from snow and ice in the winter.'

As both may have realised by now the reality is wetter winters, shorter summers and more extremes in the weather that is a direct threat to life. This has not stopped many Tories joining the Climate Change deniers.

Is Rhodri Morgan really comfortable in that company?
I have a suggestion. Why don't all those people who are attending Copenhagen stay at home and not add to CO2 emmissions by instead taking part in an on-line conference. This could also be done for the G8 and the G20 not to meantion the UN meetings and the trips by politicins to Brussels, Strasbourg etc etc ad infinitum. The technology is there so let's go for it. How about it? Thought not. Huh!
The pair of them are intellectual paperweights! Are these people supposed to be intelligent?

There's been some crap in the Glamorgan Gazette denying the existence of Global Warming by CO2 – claming that since the gas is measured in ppm it’s so small it can’t possibly contribute to global warming! Obviously haven’t heard of the Keeling Curve!

Regarding John Redwood’s comments “….Fewer people will die of the cold and from snow and ice in the winter” This could be achieved if WAG pulled its finger out of its arse and did something about providing those most at risk of dying of cold proper heating systems and adequate insulation!

If we did have “Californian Summers” in Wales, this would mean further droughts in Africa, and this would resulting in famine and political instability in Africa and globally.
It also gives all parties an excuse to tell us how tax with save the world we will tax everyone, yet this week i walk through my town it's lite up like a Christmas , oh yes it is Christmas thats OK then.

But the fact is this as we know will happen the world will get warmer colder people will die have died , this year we have had two cold days and when my wife put on the heating i said your going to pay for this then, she turned it off.

We live in a world in which the rich will ignore the weather, where i have to live within it no heating.

So for me it's all bull shit and excuse for labour to pay off the bills debts, while driving round in a 4.5 liter Jag
I know this gudy who has a garage and being a garage he has a lot of waste oil. Garages have always burnt this waste oil to heat their garages.....but now, you require a permit/license....to do with global warming. If you pay the fee which is over a £100 then you can continue burning the waste oil. It must be some kind of payment to the global warming gods.
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