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Sunday, December 06, 2009

Ianto underwater

Judging from this photo posted on Twitter by Alun Preece the Cardiff Bay barrage has not been that successful in stopping flooding in that area.

One could say that this is the consequence of global warming except that this sort of flooding tended to occur before the barrage was put in. Nevertheless, projections for rising sea levels do put the Assembly building as being under water within 100 to 150 years. Maybe True Wales will get their way after all.

It also occurs to me that not only is the entrance to the oval basin underwater but so is access to the memorial erected by Torchwood fans to Ianto. As far as I am aware this is still in situ, well it was last time I looked. But then again why would anybody want to remove what is rapidly becoming a major tourist attraction in Wales' capital city?
There should also be a statue of Ron Davies (erected underwater, of course) who opposed the barrage when he was in opposition but did a Uey when he came into power.
Wasnt that Rhodri Morgan?
"One could say that this is the consequence of global warming..."

Boys, why do you think I moved to Maesteg?

Global Warming is a real threat, although the luddites have been given ammunition by a few ill judged emails (Uni. of East Angla).
Well, there have been two elements to flooding in Cardiff: the tide and the amount of water coming down the Taf. The barrage can do something about extreme tides, but if it's rained hard for several days in the upper valleys and Brecon Beacons, the Taf is still going to experience very high water levels. And if the tide's in when all that water reaches the Bay, you're going to have trouble making the water flow uphill.

And I'd be hesitant to blame global warming. There's always been an issue with the Taf flooding after bad weather -- that's why the banks have been raised through the parks, and ultimately why there are parks and not houses there for the most part.
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