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Friday, December 11, 2009

Green TD turns Dail air blue

Fair play, things never get this heated in the Welsh Assembly. I will be surprised if this survives on You Tube for long.

The Green Party's Paul Gogarty has released a torrent of abuse at Labour's Emmet Stagg during a Dail Budget debate. Stagg and the Green TD had been exchanging verbal blows in the chamber. But nothing prepared Stagg for the outburst. Gogarty later apologised for his language claiming it was patriotism that had fired him.

WARNING: The Video attached is uncut and uncensored. It contains swearing and aggressive behaviour.

Not many there, and he's not wearing a Tie!
He will probably use the Peter 'You chumps' Mandelson get-out trick - 'what I actually said was 'Feck you!'.

If you repeat what he said Peter in the next First Minister's Question time, I will give £20 to Children in Need. I'd love to see the face of Lord Ellis-Thomas.
Good Lord! Things do get rather heated over there!
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