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Thursday, December 03, 2009


I have just been informed that Assembly Commission and Welsh Government staff on the government secure internet were unable to read my blog this week. Apparently, it was deliberately blocked as one of the sites that staff are not meant to access. When I checked it seems that other political blogs were still available.

As the Commissioner responsible for IT this is obviously a bit disconcerting, though it is worth pointing out that the Assembly Commission do not make these decisions as we are part of a larger government contract.

I have been assured that this decision has now been reversed and my blog is now available to staff to read. Still, I must have been doing something right.

Have you considered that you weren't censored but all the ataff got together and requested it be blocked?!
Staff Member - very unlikely, WAG staff are too busy drinking real coffee in their nice, glass fronted airconditioned offices to read Peter's blog. WAG a byword for inactivity!

Once they finish their coffee they spend the rest of the morning filling out expense forms, saving looking out of the windows for the afternoon.
yes, i'd not have expected civil servants to be interested in politicians' thoughts, especially in Wales!
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