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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Interfering in the scrutiny process?

Labour AM, Alun Davies has just made some astonishing accusations against his Plaid Cymru colleagues over the way that they have behaved over the Assembly Finance Committee's scrutiny of the Welsh budget.

It was reported on the programme that Plaid Cymru AM, Chris Franks had refused to sign up to the report after tabling, and failing to get accepted, a number of amendments that would have toned down criticism of the government.

Alun Davies told viewers that Plaid Cymru have behaved extraordinarily badly in trying to insert amendments into the report that have come from the wider party and not from the Committee members themselves. He said that this has raised questions about the integrity of the Committee system.

If this is the case then it is very serious. Plaid Cymru have consistently failed to get the purpose of scrutiny. They have been over-sensitive to criticism and at times some of their Ministers have gone to unbelievable lengths to avoid being questioned on key issues.

They now stand accused of interfering in the process of scrutiny, presumably to make themselves look better and to seek to justify their very poor record in government. I think that the charges laid by Alun Davies need a detailed response from the Leader of Plaid Cymru.
The following words instantly spring to mind here Peter, breath your hold and don't.
Time to dig out a new ferrets-in-a-sack photo, methinks.
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