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Thursday, October 01, 2009

Riders and runners

I have been in Committee all afternoon but according to the BBC, Rhodri Morgan has made the long awaited announcement that he is stepping down as First Minister after the budget has been passed on 8th December.

It is clear that there are three possible contenders for the top job but talking to some people today there appear to be some doubts as to whether Huw Lewis has enough people to nominate him. I was told that some pressure has been brought on a couple of AMs to abandon him and that at least one has switched sides.

This may of course just be another piece of gossip in the Cardiff Bay bubble but still, it will be interesting to see how the Labour group of AMs divide in terms of nominations.
Wrong again Peter ...
I did qualify it as gossip but you are right the word on the street was wrong again. However, I believe that it is right that some of the AMs who have supported Huw were pressurised to change their mind.
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