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Thursday, October 01, 2009

Rhodri Morgan to announce retirement today

It is understood that Rhodri Morgan will tell a joint meeting of the Welsh Labour Executive and Labour AMs today that he is to stand down as First Minister in December, once the Assembly budget has been passed and his successor elected.

The formal announcement will come at 2pm after which the timetable for the election to succeed him will be revealed. I suspect that the new First Minister will be elected by the whole Assembly in the last week of term, just before we break for Christmas.

Update: This morning is the first meeting this Assembly of the First Minister's Scrutiny Committee. It will also be Rhodri's last. Somehow I think the timing is a little out.
"Somehow I think the timing is a little out."

I don't know so much. After all, it is probably the single biggest decision that will impact on the term. Isn't it right it should be scrutinised?
It was a bit of a tongue in cheek comment but the Committee were not scrutinising his decision to stand down.
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