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Thursday, October 08, 2009

Champagne Tories

It is difficult to know if the Tories have had a good conference or not as it has been so dull. However by one of their self-imposed yardsticks they failed miserably. Party chiefs had tried to enforce an edict against triumphalism at the conference by discouraging the drinking of champagne, however as The Times reports things did not quite go to plan:

Several senior Tories – including David Cameron – have ignored a champagne ban imposed by Eric Pickles, the party chairman, who said that delegates should not be seen to be celebrating during a conference dominated by plans for cuts in public spending.

“I want to see less champagne bubbles and more bubbling activity,” Mr Pickles said. But Alan Duncan, the shadow prisons minister, and Michael Howard, the former party leader, have been photographed clutching champagne flutes. Mr Cameron was snapped accepting a glass at a Spectator party, but afterwards said that he had learnt his lesson. “He’s had a good talking to,” his wife Samantha said.

Meanwhile, a Tory activist has been arrested after he was accused of stealing a £150 bottle of champagne at the party’s conference in Manchester. The paper tells us that Philip Whittington, 27, was later released without charge after claiming it had all been a mistake and he was happy to pay for what he had drunk.

A £150 bottle of champagne? It is nice to see the Tories identifying so closely with recession-hit Britain.
I also note that the Conservative Local Government Association held a Champagne Reception ..........
Champagnes aren't just for Socialists!
None of the Parties had a great conference, labour showed how many activist had left as the Hall was bloody empty for large parts of the meetings. The Tories like always was slick slick like grease. except we had a few funny bits with Boris proving he is an idiot a dangerous one.

The Lib Dem's did their best to sneak up on Labour but failed as they decided it was best to move to the right slightly.

I watched all three, since I have an infection in my spine and have to lie down all day to let it drain out, boy by the end of the conferences I was taking medication for depression, if another person tells me we all have to tighten our belts or repay the debts I'll scream. tighten my belt any further on my £87 and I die of starvation.
Cheer up Robert, Conference season is over for a year :)

I can see a future PM saying:
"They can't afford beer? Let them drink champagne"

Politicians and bankers [who started this recession] are shafting us right royally! It was ever thus.
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