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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

BNP lose the plot!

If Nick Griffin's appearance on the Television last night is anything to go by then tomorrow night's Question Time performance will be very entertaining. He was almost wild-eyed and frothing at the mouth as he accused everybody of being against him and compared highly respected Generals with Nazi war criminals.

The man has clearly lost the plot (if he ever had it) and has allowed some modest electoral success to distort his sense of reality. The Daily Mirror also report that the BNP successfully managed to libel Welsh Secretary Peter Hain, yesterday as well:

In an email to BNP supporters, Mr Hain, a leading campaigner against South Africa’s racist apartheid regime, was branded a “former bank robber”.

The MP was arrested on suspicion of bank theft in the 1970s but acquitted and was widely believed to be the victim of a plot to frame him by the South African authorities.

Mr Hain said last night: “What they said about me is libellous and I know a lot of campaigners want to drain the BNP’s finances with legal action.

“But I have got more important things on my mind at the moment.”

Many of us thought that the BNP would implode eventually once subjected to scrutiny. It is a bonus that it has happened so soon.
I've got no problem with the BNP going on TV lets see how good our politicians are at putting them down, my worry is half the dam audience will be BNP
They're a paper tiger. In my home town, they polled very well in my home ward in May, but the Tories took what had been a Labour seat. One of the Tories was quickly disqualified, the BNP poured in thinking that they'd win the by-election and .... Labour polled a massive % of the vote, the BNP were humiliated.

People vote for them because they think they'll 'teach' politicians a lesson, or because they're buffoons, but when they reflect, the BNP is lost.

That said, what more important things does Peter Hain have on his mind than taking them to court? I think we should be told!!
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