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Sunday, October 25, 2009

BNP fact check

I don't want to harp on about Nick Griffin's appearance on Question Time, after all that is the only thing the mainstream media can talk about, but I did want to draw attention to this page on Channel Four's website.

They have fact-checked the BNP's pronouncements on the programme and concluded like the rest of us that he was being economical with the actualité:

the claim

"Guided tours in the Lake District have been cancelled because only English people, white people, were going on them."

Nick Griffin MEP, BBC One's Question Time, 22 October 2009.

The analysis

Griffin's statement's met with cries of "nonsense", and nonsense it appears to be. A Lake District National Park spokesperson said tours had never been cancelled.

The BNP pointed us to recent reports of a £1.7mn government-funded project to get more people from minorities to visit the Lake District and other national parks. But if anything, the project should mean more rather than less call for Lake District activities.

The sources
Asian Image: Plan to boost ethnic minority visitors to Lake District

There is much more where that came from.
Its pretty disgusting that £1.7M of OUR money is sqandered on such a project, the National Parks are open to all, perhaps people from BME groups simply cant be bothered to visit them. A complete scandal throwing money at a percieved problem and plays right into the hand of the BNP.
Excellent idea. lets hope channel 4 analsyses every politicians statements on Question Time, not just thoise they diagree with
Minorities will we not get past thinking of people as minorities and not as people.

I'm disabled up until last year i could not even get in my town hall because I use a wheelchair, I still cannot get into the local swimming pool because the access is like climbing bloody mountain.

how about working on getting more people to visit the national parks
Anon 1

"the National Parks are open to all" Yes, so are museums, galleries etc etc But if you check who visits such facilities you will find all sorts of interesting facts - which will show you pretty quickly that they are NOT meeting the needs of ALL within our community.

Presumably you are also against braille signage and audio description for the blind; ramped entrances for those in wheelchairs; adapted toilets in such places etc. etc.

All of these things cost money, but hasn't it occurred to you that people with disabilities (yes and from the BME community) also pay their taxes !
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