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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Best Labour Leadership campaign video yet

Huw Lewis shows his mastery of YouTube videos.

Fair play thats quite funny.
Huw Lewis in "human with sense of humour" shock! Agree its funny though and shows thinking outside the box that Carwyn and Edwna have not as yet. Expect out takes reels on every site by the end of the week...
see my sketch of huw

yeah, i squared his chin a little, his eyes a little further apart, taken a little flesh off his face, heightened his forehead a whisker and given him a Muhammed Ali sparkle in his eye....true effin genius
I've tried to make him perfect but no one is...he is the most human of the three candidates
It is really weird but all your blogs keep coming up as incoming links when I ain't even mentioned lol.

Just thought i'd metion it :)
If he wants to get away from the "Huey Lewis and the News " jokes, why does he persist with that ridiculous 1950s DA hairstyle?
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