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Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I spent some time last month with the Presiding Officer and officials giving evidence to the Assembly's Finance Committee on the Commission's budget. This is the amount of money that is needed to run the Parliamentary side of the Assembly.

The Finance Committee has produced its report together with a number of useful recommendations. However, when I looked at the list of witnesses on page six I am missing. This is despite speaking on a number of occasions as is evidenced by the record of proceedings.

I have been airbrushed out of this particular piece of history :-(
I think this is now called being Carter-Rucked
It's the Gulag next then - with Labour showing it's true colours with the highly controlled questions for the leadership candidates, are we surpised if thorns in the establishment's side are first airbrushed from reports and then . . . .
oh crumbs that's funny!...Peter you should have a go at stand up comedy mate
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